Friday, December 9, 2011

7x7 Award

Olivia knows what you are thinking. Olivia? Received a math award?

You see, she graduated at age eleven from UC Berkeley with a degree in quantum physics. While there, she received the Nobel Prize for solving a perplexing question that has plagued mathematicians for centuries:

What is seven times seven?

UC Berkeley being, of course, the name of her kitchen table, and mathematicians referring to fellow elementary students.*

But she did solve a problem yesterday (note: this post was written several weeks ago) that her mother could not.** The radio person asked, What is five to the zeroth power?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not zero, but one. Because 5^4 is 625, and 5^3 is 125 (which is 625/5), and 5^2 is 25 (which is 125/5), and 5^1 is 5 (which is 25/5)--and so 5^0 is 5/5, which is 1. Isn't she smarticle?***

You have just witnessed a mathematical ramble--one that does not lament the methods used to teach math--one that was... almost... fun to write--and Olivia is now very concerned for her health.

But all that was not the point of this post.

Olivia means to thank Aloha for nominating her for the 7x7 Blog Award.

She hadn't heard of it until until Aloha tagged her, but it appears that one is to address seven things about one's blog, and then nominate seven other bloggers to award. The seven things to be addressed are as follows:

1. Most Beautiful Post: It is hard to answer this without feeling haughty... The most beautiful post that Olivia has written may be The Breath of Fall, but that's not saying a whole lot since she hasn't written many posts like that. The most beautifully written, if she includes all posts, as well as probably the most visually appealing, is the last From the Word post, pairing roughly the first half of Isaiah 40 with images she took in the Blue Ridge in North Carolina (plus an amaryllis, which was in her house) (that's the flower, for the botanically challenged).

2. Most Popular Post: Immanuel. If you want to increase your pageviews, post famous biblical paintings. That post is by far the most popular, and she gets traffic from Google image searches like "mother mary" or "the annunciation" from all over the world, and sometimes in other languages, which confuses her, because she's never written Mother Mary in any of the Eastern European languages.

3. Most Controversial Post: Well, non-Christians would disagree with something in nearly all her posts, but her single most controversial post might be The Woes of Mathematics (ironic that she links to this after touting her mathematical knowledge above?). A number might disagree with her views on education. She hasn't written many posts on education or on deeper subjects, though. If she gets to those, she would have a good deal of controversial posts.

4. Most Helpful Post: NaPiWriMo, because the event marks the turning point in many an aspiring novelist's career. ... No, she really doesn't have any helpful posts.

5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post: Besides the aforementioned Immanuel, which garnered 819 pageviews while the next most popular has 70, the most surprising would have to be Day 3: A Favorite Book. Again, the traffic sources to that page are from Google Images--this time for such keywords as "stack of books" or "hoarder house". Should she be concerned that her blog appeared in a search for hoarder house?

6. Most Underrated Post: While she can't complain about the pageviews for The Wonderful World of Amoebae (it was the third most popular last month, and sixth all time), she's amazed it hasn't received more comments oohing and ahing over the adorable little amoebae!****

7. And finally, Most Pride-Worthy Post: Really? Is Olivia supposed to be proud of this anthology of delirius insomnia-induced drabble? There are a few, however, that don't make her want to take this blog out and shoot it after posting. Writing in third person especially amuses her (she rewrote this post from first person to third person, in fact), and some of the posts that don't shame her terribly are The Post of Shame (...should she be concerned that this does not shame her?) and Olivia Goes to the Doctor, both epic tales chronicling the adventures of Olivia. (By the way, the wound inflicted by the malevolent Empty Box still lingers.)

And now it is time for Olivia to nominate seven lucky bloggers! She will try to pick bloggers who have not, to her knowledge, already been nominated for this award.

And I'm switching to first person, because it feels weird nominating in the third person.

Abby at a girl with wings. She's articulate and writes about a number of relevant topics in a humorous yet thought-provoking style. It's one of my favorite blogs to follow.

Olga at You Are My Hope. She's an awesome person who lives in an awesome state, and I just want her to know that I do read her blog (although I'm behind in all my blog-reading), but meany Blogger eats my comments.

Birdi at chirpings of a bluebird. She's funny and positive, even when life throws bad things her way, and quite possibly one of the nicest bloggers I follow. Her influence can be seen in my blog... like the third person writing... and tweaking (*coughcheatingcough*) the last award I received... And it's fun reading about life in New Zealand. Homeschoolers are pretty much the same everywhere!

Kayla at Dancing Flames. Another writing, reading, horse-loving, Christian homeschooler! Unfortunately she began her blog as I fell behind in my blog-reading, but I look forward to catching up on hers.

Skyeler at A Maiden's Notes. We're so similar sometimes I wonder if we're related. Her blog, for all it's reallycoolness, doesn't receive enough attention. (Not that I've given it any of late.) This ought to change!

Bubbles at Tsepic Tales. Because he's a cool person and he needs to post more!

ZNZ at jotting down notes. I don't think I've ever read her blog without laughing. She cleverly writes about the woes of writing and raptures of reading, as well as other cool stuff like cuttlefish and Galileo, and with deeply stirring artwork, too. ;)

The Nobel-winning answer, by the way, was luck sevenfold.

*She was, unfortunately, legally constrained to fifth grade at the age of eleven, because of the silly notion that those born in the last several weeks of the year are to be placed in the same grade as those born the following year. But luckily in homeschool, grade is irrelevant.
**After all, Poor is the student who does not surpass his master.
***Of course, she did not discover this reasoning on her own.
****She jests. Mostly. But who doesn't love unicellular organisms whose method of locomotion involves pseudopods?


  1. Thanks for the links! I shall read from many of them.

  2. *nervous laugh* That mathematical ramble scared me slightly... but it also impressed me majorly. *applauds Olivia for her genius* The other day I also got a maths problem right which my mother got wrong. It wasn't quite as impressive as yours, though, but I still felt extremely smug. xD
    I would also like you to know that your post on NaPiWriMo inspired me to participate this year. Except I didn't. But I meant to! And I definitely will next year.
    And thank you so, so much for awarding me! You're far too nice in your description of me and my blog, though. :D But I do agree - homeschoolers are definitely the same all over the world. I'm not sure if this worries me or comforts me...
    I may not be able to do this award until after my operation, but I definitely will do it then!


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