Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 3: A Favorite Book

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I really do hate picking favorites, which is why this post has been delayed a day.

You see, I love books. I completely and utterly adore them. In fact, you might call me a book hoarder. Overflow from my crowded bookshelves can be found littered throughout the house--one stack topped with a compilation of Hawthorne short stories sits beside me on the kitchen table, a pile of literature books on the floor in the living room, and countless others crammed in the guest room--and that isn't counting the books my mom owns which I have read (many of which are also scattered around the house... we really do need more bookshelves) or books loaned from the library.

So anyway, you can probably understand how difficult, how terribly agonizing it would be to choose just one. And I knew if I allowed myself to include multiple books I would keep thinking of another and another until this very post turned into a novel.

Yesterday I awoke dreading the task, and through the day I kept putting off what I knew would be a gut-wrenching, hair-pulling-outing decision. Just one favorite novel.

Then, finally, after the sun had set, as the stars winked goodnight and my eyelids grew heavy, I thought of an answer.

So I turned on my computer, opened Internet Explorer, and typed in, composing the post in my mind as my ancient computer chugged and hummed away trying to load the page.

And it was then, dear reader, that our internet connection was dropped.

Thank you, Comcast, for your excellence in providing internet service.

Now, this is an almost daily (sometimes twice or three times or four or five or six times daily) occurrence with Comcast that is usually cured by resetting our modem/router/watchamacallit thingamabobber (I am positive that is the technical term for it). But at this point I had grown quite weary and didn't feel like typing out a post, so without attempting to revive our internet connection I watched Mythbusters for a bit before dragging myself to bed.

If you read this entire waytoolongandlongwindedandoverdramatic post (the parts about the number of books in the household and our perpetual dilemma with Comcast, however, are not exaggerated in the least), you deserve a reward. The best I can do is wrapping this up quickly.

So I will get to the point of this post.

The very best book ever written is the Bible.

Enough said.

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(Oh, and if you want to see a very, very brief list of a small handful of favorite novels of mine, check out my Blogger profile.)


  1. The Bible. Enough said.

    And I agree.

    Regarding Comcast... :ninja: I must admit I am not so patient about bad internet service. :P And regarding the books, I love it. As someone very wise once said (and do pardon me, because I forgot his name), A house without books is like a room without windows. I doubt we could manage without our books, no?

  2. Nor am I. :P I think I should perish without the internet... Oh, but don't take away my books! I would most certainly die a painful death without my books! Whoever said that was very wise.


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