Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Olivia Goes to the Doctor

Olivia went to the doctor today. In fact, she tried writing this post in the exam room on her mom's phone while waiting for the doctor to come in--because the wait is usually a long one--but it was being funkeh and wouldn't let her type in the text box, which was kind of a problem.

In fact, she handed her mother the phone, and her mother pushed something which they thought was the Publish button. This made Olivia laugh hysterically, because that would have published the post with only a title and no body. But it was only the Save button that her mother pressed. Olivia was slightly disappointed, because it would have been funny if her mother published the post with a title and no body, but oh well. By the time she recovered from her laughter, the doctor came in.

Why was Olivia seeing the doctor, you ask? If you are a regular reader, or by chance a two-time reader, you may recall the attack of the Empty Box in the Plain of Tile. Well, that incident was more than four weeks ago, and Olivia's side still pains her. So she went to the doctor just to be sure she was okay.

The doctor poked and prodded and made Olivia twist, which made her side very sore. But the doctor determined that the injury was merely muscular, and that nothing was wrong with her ribcage, which is a good thing. Olivia thinks--although she isn't sure, because Brother was banging his rattle very loudly on the stroller and it was difficult to hear the doctor--that she was prescribed NSAID patches to apply to the site of the injury, and admonished to be very careful of twisting.

After the doctor, her family went to lunch. She liked the waitress, because she guessed correctly that Olivia was the sister and not the mother of Brother. Most think otherwise.

After lunch, Olivia got to hold a very teeny tiny baby. He made Brother seem like a giant.

After holding the very teeny tiny baby, Olivia admired a pretty creek.

After that, she went home. And then she ate the butterscotch Dum-Dum acquired at the doctor's office. It was yummy.

Also, Olivia realized the photos from last night's post didn't show up. She will try to fix this, because she thinks the moon photo is kind of pretty and that her readers might enjoy it.

Speaking of her readers, where did they go? She suspects the lack of comments is merely due to the decreased quality of her posts, but she just wants to make sure that Blogger didn't get angry and eat her readers, because Blogger can have quite a temper.

So if you are able to comment, she'd feel relieved after just a brief comment or two, to make sure everything is in order. If you are unable to comment, she would appreciate, if you have some other form of contacting her, kindly letting her know so she can see if she can fix things. If you are unable to comment or reach Olivia in any other way, you are probably in Blogger's belly.

Have a nice day!


  1. If this goes through, it works. At least for me.

  2. Testing, testing.
    Is this working?

  3. I see it. Thank you very much! :D

  4. Hi; I'm here and I love your blog.

  5. *Has to laugh at the wonderful, humorous writing* Feel better soon!

  6. Oh, good, Blogger didn't eat my readers after all! *is relieved*

    Well, except for Mercy, who loyally comments even from the bowels of Blogger.

  7. *giggles* You said BOWELS! *chortles*

  8. 'Tis me, Elly! Nice blog post. <3 Test, test, one two three!

    *salutes* Off duty!

  9. Mercy--*is dense and doesn't get it* Well, I figured by now you'd be in the intestines...

    Elly--Good to hear from you! :D

  10. A) I've been operating on very little sleep, and B) don't you think bowels is a funny word? I do. ;)

  11. A) I confess when I first read your comment I panicked because I thought I either spelled it wrong or I had a complete blonder-than-usual moment and bowel didn't mean what I thought it meant, and B) oh, indeed! I am in danger of overusing its amusingness.


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