Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Those Items which Occupy My Desk at Present

On a normal day, my desk area is neat and tidy, because I cannot work in chaos. However, my desk items are revolting, and now crowd its entire surface in protest, crying, "5% of the desktop occupies 93% of the office accessories!"

I thought I would seize this pivotal moment in history to describe my desk's contents to you, because never before has such equality in the distribution of office supplies been seen on the face of my desk.

  • My Bible (most importantly!), neatly tucked in an Amish-made bookcover to protect its paperback...ness.
  • Two notebooks, one containing ponderings on various theological and philosophical subjects, another some rather pitiful poetry, and the last some attempts at Venn diagrams.
  • Four mugs used as penholders depicting paintings by Mary Cassatt and... some other person whose name escapes me. One contains pencils, mostly mechanical; one Sarasa gel pens; another Papermate gel pens; and the last, other brands of gel pens. (I like gel pens.)
  • Several pens and pencils scattered about the desktop, protesting segregation of utensils.
  • A hymnal open to Be Still My Soul. Yes, with music by Jean Sibelius!
  • Two long rope-like erasers.
  • The score to Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67.
  • Some Post-It notes containing jottings of a story idea that seized my mind late one night.
  • An iPod USB cord... thing.
  • Another notebook with musical staves on the sheets in which I've learned composition is not my forte.
  • A hair elastic.
  • A Kindle.
  • A copy of Macbeth.
  • A calculator, for I am a calculator addict. But I usually use the app on my iPod, so the real one's rather dusty.
  • The Oxford Latin Desk Dictionary.
  • Quite an assortment of postcards to be sent to friends, as well as a letter or two to which replies need to be sent.
  • A wooden icthys engraved with the words Rejoice in the Lord.
  • A Lennox lamb.
  • A miniature of Monet's Houses of Parliament in the Fog, the original of which was painted in 1903.
  • A tag to something that fell off.
  • The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • And lastly, William Shakespeare.
Not to mention the other books and items in the hutch above my desk, which are numerous enough for another posting. Anticipate one in the near future. Or don't, considering my countless unfilled promises of posts to come. I'm prophetically challenged, it would seem.


  1. This is brilliant! I wonder how many other young ladies would have a desk quite like this....

    I especially love the Shakespeare bits. Have you heard about "The Great Courses" series of lectures? I'm in the middle of listening to the brilliant Peter Saccio lecturing about Shakespeare, and am getting SO much out of it!

  2. I'm a bit unusual, aren't I? ;) Oh, and not to mention the desk itself is seventy to eighty years old.

    Oh, yes, The Great Courses! I've tried one of their math series and didn't follow, but I'm eager to try their history or literature or science sometime. I'll have to remember that one! I'm behind in my reading list, so I haven't gotten to Shakespeare yet, but I hope to do him next!


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