Thursday, July 28, 2011

Post of Shame

Olivia has a blog, doesn't she?

Oops. She forgetted. And now she is so ashamed she is writing in the third person, because it is shameful to say "I forgot", but speaking this way it sounds as though someone else forgot, not Olivia. Also, she is so ashamed she can't even use proper grammar--hence why she forgetted and not forgot.

So this is the post of shame.

Part of the reason for her absence is that she hasn't been able to think of anything to write about. Actually, that's probably the reason for every absence of hers. Nothing too big or exciting goes on in her life to blog about.

But then it occurred to her that nothing terribly big or exciting happens in the lives of most of the bloggers whose blogs she follows. They just write about the little things in life, for the most part. She's going to try to start writing about the little things, too. So for practice, here's a little thing that happened to her.

On the Monday of yesterweek, Olivia thirsted, so to quench her thirst she went on a quest for tea. Her quest took her to the far away Pantry in the land of Kitchen. In Pantry, she found that which she sought--Canned Tea. In fact, there were two Canned Teas, nestled peacefully together in their dwelling of a long, narrow cardboard box.

Olivia extended her arm through the open door of their house and groped for a Tea. But the two Teas held fast in the bottom of their box. She lifted the whole box, with her arm still inside, and carried it across the land of Kitchen to the high ridge called Counter. There she could set down the box and extricate the Teas inside.

But on the way she did not see the stealthy Empty Box that lurked on the Plain of Tile. It pounced, setting itself directly in the path of her feet.

She flailed her arms wildly in a desperate attempt to maintain her balance. Finally, with her free hand (for her other arm held still the box of Tea) she managed to grasp hold of the edge of Counter. Thus she righted herself, and proceeded to drink a Tea.

While she escaped, ultimately, the wrath of the Empty Box, it inflicted lasting wounds. A muscle in her torso, across her side, has been pulled, and pains her to some degree to this day. In time, however, this wound is expected to heal.

And so concludes the Tale of the Empty Box Attacking the Bearer of the Tea.


  1. EPIC! Silly Empty Box. How dare it lurk on the Plain of Tile and trip Canned Tea kidnappers? xD

  2. *LAUGHS* That was *giggles* quite amusing XD *applauds* Very well done! (the post, not the injury, lol)


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