Friday, September 2, 2011

The National Pi Writing Month

Because I have waited for the last minute to post, I am copying and pasting last year's post so that I can go to bed.

This month I'm participating in an utterly pointless, very silly, and rather nerdy event known as National Pi Writing Month, or NaPiWriMo for short.

Inspired by the National Novel Writing Month, NaPiWriMo is a challenge to write a 500-word story during the month of September.

The catch? Each word has to have the number of letters as the corresponding digit of pi.

For example, the first word must have three letters, the second one letter, the third four letters, and so on.

No, there is no point in this, aside from a good many laughs (PiWri stories have a tendency to be extremely silly), and no, you don't have to like math to do it (in fact, I rather dislike math).

Last year's attempt was rather a failure, but it was a fun failure.*

Even if you haven't begun, it's not too late! I... erm... have not started either. And I'm going to be rather occupied this next week. And I have no ideas for subject matter. This is off to a good start.

*So was it really a failure? This is a deep thought.

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  1. That sounds awesome. XD I might try this.

    (I think that NaNoPiMo would be a punnier, if less accurate, name. But whatever.)


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