Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Olivia had kind of a long day today, and is tired. Therefore, she hopes that you will forgive her for writing a brief post that is probably going to be  badly written because she is too tired to be articulate (not that she ever is) (she is so tired, she wrote articulative the first time, rather than its proper form articulate). (Why is third person so much easier to write when Olivia is tired?)

There are two main things that Olivia would like to say.

Firstly, that she went to Borders today. She has been rather sad (okay, totally depressed) that they are going out of business (even though she has always held the notion that Barnes & Noble is better), and she wanted to cry at all the empty shelves in the store. But! But, she was consoled just enough to contain her tears by the “Clearance!” signs all over the store. Nothing was less than fifty percent off, and much was sixty percent off, and a few seventy percent. She got quite a number (she would count them for you and list their titles, but the bag was so heavy it is in the car still waiting for her father to heft it out) including classics, a few contemporary novels, a couple notebooks (which Olivia reeeeaaaaaally does not need, for she has stacks and stacks of lonely blank ones in her room waiting to be filled) and a really cool, very heavy, rather geeky Shakespeare Encyclopedia or something of that nature.

Secondly, Olivia just forgot what the other thing was she was going to say.


That’s right.

And thidly (or thirdly, if you so prefer, but thidly has a ring to it), tomorrow Olivia will be in a facility surrounded by a large group of children her age. This is the first time such an event has occurred in a year and a half.  She is not certain she remembers what people look like. Someone might have to point them out for her.

At this facility, Olivia will operate a sewing needle. That is very dangerous. Sharp objects and Olivia are not a good combination. Also, she will be in drama. She was not entirely sure she wanted to be in drama in the first place, but she woke one morning to discover she was signed up for it. Oh well. It should be fun, at least.

Furthermore, this will henceforth be a weekly occurrence.

Will she survive?

Time will tell.

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  1. Livvy? At a social event? With sharp objects? And acting? :) Have fun!


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