Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Of Gladiators, Emperors, and Brownies

You might remember my post several weeks ago about a crazy challenge known as NaPiWriMo.

Well, I spent the month of September pouring sweat and tears into writing a completely ridiculous pi-encoded story... and I failed epically.

Of the lofty 500-word goal, I wrote 192. I share with you my manuscript, which I have titled Of Gladiators, Emperors, and Brownies.

“Sue, I love a great gladiator in armour."
“Steve, was Rome’s gigantic gladiator actually imaginary?”
“You, uh, see, coliseum acts defied my morals.”
“What are you speaking?”
“Sue, I’m talking purposely about my passions.”
“Actually, once I suspected Emperor J. Caesar, Octavian’s dad, imperator, appointed him supreme.”
“I think Octavian is Augustus’s earlier self.”
“Certainly. Back into great gladiator, if you concede.”
“Augustus I esteem more.”
“Armour is engaging. Boring is Augustus.”
“Decidedly disagreed. Augustus surely is superior.”
“Sue, let’s disagree to agree.”
“Thy hand is a… a… brownie!”
“Please instead gladiator converse we.”
“I like Augustus.”
“Augustus cannot rival.”
“A man in weaponry is not boring, though such violent execution was barbaric.”
“True that. Armour preserves, still.”
“Truly, Steve, covering is so not—”
“—am Roman, and—”
“Steve, gladiators were tortured.”
“I do perceive that, Susannah.”
“A…a…a… brownie!”
“Girl Scout?”
“No, brownies!”
“I am certain I recognize the brownies.”
“It… I… I… there!”
“Steven, back into Romans.”
“If we discussed good Augustus, gladiator would stay forgotten.”
“But—yum, brownies!”
“I decidedly prefer root beer to brownies. Augustus I decidedly loathed.”
“Rome’s leader
 Alas, yes, I stopped in mid-sentence. I could not go on...

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