Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things

'Cause it's late and I don't feel like writing a long post, although I could.

Thing the First: My last list post was called Thirty-Two, because there were thirty-two bullet points in it. I realized a few days later there were actually thirty-three things in it. Eheh...

Thing the First and a Half: The first time I spelled it realised. What am I, British?

Thing the Second: I have dermatophytosis. That is, ringworm.

Now, I'm not bothered by blood and gore, and I examine photographs of gruesome wounds with fascination. However...

Eeeeeee! There's fungus on my ankle GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!!

Ahem. I do not like fungus. I do not desire to ever eat a mushroom, because it is a fungus. Therefore, I am just a little disturbed that a fungus is feeding on the dead tissue of my skin. I did not give this fungus permission to lay its haustoria on me. This is not cool. I banish the fungus. The fungus is banished.

Thing the Third: On his way home, my father found the most adorable basset hound puppy on the side of the road. I'll try to get a picture of that wubbable wittle face tomorrow when it's light.

Now to find its owners...

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  1. Hello, Olivia!

    Boy, do you sound like a fun girl :)

    I blog over at, and I am considering starting a blog/group/community/something for homeschool girls like you and me. Here's a brief outline of my thoughts:

    It would be a place for girls (under 21 years old) who have been or are being homeschooled through middle school, high school, or college.
    They must love Jesus.

    They must be living a lifestyle that's different from the World.

    They want to be part of an online community with other homeschool girls who are living different lives, set apart for the Lord.

    They want to encourage and be encouraged by others walking the same walk.

    Every member would check out prospective members’ blogs before they’re officially admitted. The girls must honor God with the content of their blogs and have a commitment to living a life set apart to Him.

    What do you think? Would you be a part of this group? Can you think of anyone else who would? Do you have any suggestions as to how it should be put together?

    Thank you for your time!
    Abigail Rogers

    P.S. Part of the inspiration for this was this article:


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