Saturday, August 6, 2011


  1. The heat index yesterday was 106. That is simply unacceptable.
  2. Brother is a technological genius.
  3. Chocolate milk is delicious.
  4. Lists are fun to write.
  5. Olivia was going to stop at 3, but then she kept going.
  6. She isn't quite sure why she's writing in third person.
  7. Perhaps it's due to the fact that she was just reading Birdi's blog.
  8. She did a video call on Skype for the first time today. It was slightly terrifying, but also really fun to be able to see her friend face-to-face. And her friend's adorable brother.
  9. She learned she isn't the only one who forgets to eat because she gets distracted doing other things.
  10. She is probably the only one who forgets to eat because she is so riveted by her school work.
  11. She is having tipaing--er, typing--difficulties tonight.
  12. This list now has twelve things.
  13. The number thirteen reminds her of a story.
  14. The story begins at a conference she attended years ago. After the day was through, and everyone was heading back to their hotel rooms, she got in the elevator with several other people. These included an older man, another girl a couple years older than Olivia, and the girl's parents. The girl pressed the floor level buttons for everyone, and when she inquired of the older man's floor, he said, "Thirteen." The girl searched and searched, but she could not find the button for the thirteenth floor. The builders of that building were superstitious, and did not build a thirteenth floor. Well, they did, but they called it the fourteenth floor, rather sillily Olivia thinks. Then the man chuckled and gave his real floor number. The End.
  15. Brother just fell over.
  16. The readers are probably boring of reading this list, Olivia suspects.
  17. Olivia will do something interesting to spice this list up.
  18. Blueberries!
  19. Olivia thinks blueberries are very pretty, and also surprisingly delicious, as she learned today. With enough sugar, that is.
  20. Olivia broke a vow today. When they were little, you see, she and her friend were disgusted by blueberries, and promised to never, ever, ever like them. So Olivia was slightly disappointed in herself, she confesses.
  21. But she also doesn't mind too much, because blueberries make her think of Maine. Olivia misses going to Maine.
  22. To console herself, she is writing a story set in Maine. Which she needs to get back to...
  23. Maine is very pretty.
  24. Maine is very cold.
  25. Google images is handy.
  26. Olivia might pull a Benedict Arnold.
  27. She thinks Benedict is a nice name. It's too bad it has a negative connotation thanks to Mr. Very Important Arnold.
  28. Olivia thinks she should have put a different title before his name, but she can't recall his exact military ranking at this moment, so Mr. Very Important Arnold it is.
  29. What is this Benedict Arnoldesque deed Olivia might commit, you ask? She shall leave you in suspense until she has made her decision of whether or not to commit this Benedict Arnoldesque deed. Mwaha.
  30. This list has reached thirty things and is now probably getting very boring.
  31. So Olivia will pull the most exciting trick of all for her readers.
  32. Olivia will end this list.
  33. But not without first saying she's going to run another contest.


  1. The builders have triskaidekaphobia, or the phobia of the number 13.

  2. Triskaidekaphobia. Try saying that five times fast. =P


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