Friday, August 19, 2011

Of Puppies and Geeks

This is the puppy my dad found on the side of the road.

Isn't that sheer adorableness?

He saw the vet today, and she said she didn't see any signs of trauma, and he tested negative for parvo*.

Still, something isn't right with him. He's lethargic to the extreme and just lies there. That isn't normal for a puppy in a strange place surrounded by strange people--or any dog, save maybe a senile, geriatric one.

Outside he perks up, though he still isn't as lively as it seems a puppy should be. Hopefully we'll get a call from his owners soon, if he has any.

Also, I hereby declare every Friday shall be Geeky Friday**. (Because, after all, we nerds having nothing better to do with ourselves on Friday nights than be nerdy!) I've wanted to declare it for several weeks now, but each Friday I'm too tired to write a post nerdy enough. And I'm still too tired, so I'm going to leave you with Fibonacci.

*Canine parvovirus type 2. According to Wikipedia the Omniscient, "It has two distinct presentations, a cardiac and intestinal form. The common signs of the intestinal form are severe vomiting and dysentery. The cardiac form causes respiratory or cardiovascular failure in young puppies."
**I was going to go with Nerdy Friday, but Geeky Friday is like a play on Freaky Friday... which was a movie I saw years and years ago and have almost no memory of... but I might end up changing it to Nerdy Friday... Your thoughts?


  1. *squees* That is one adorable puppy, alright. Poor little thing, though. I hope you find his owners soon! Although I'm sure you don't mind having such a cute little thing around. Look at those ears! And that nose! And those brown, brown eyes! *wants*

  2. Oh, and also: I tried commenting on a few of your other posts, but Blogger decided that I wasn't deserving enough of their approval, and ate my comments. xD

  3. I like "Geeky Friday." Because of Freaky Friday, mainly. I used to really like that movie.

  4. Birdi--Isn't he cute? If his owners don't show up, I think he wants to be a Kiwi... xP
    Grr, meanie Blogger!

    ZNZ--I think Geeky Friday's growing on me.


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