Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's Pretend This is a Profound Title

I've read to include a picture in every blog
post, so... this is my pony. =D
This is my thirtieth post. It's kind of pathetic, since I've had this blog since September, and many blogs would have reached that in the first month. I'm just such a dull person there isn't much to write about. =P

I'm thinking of setting up some sort of posting schedule, like doing a word of the week, or a classical piece of the week, or some nerdy fact. And maybe an interview or a guest post every so often. I thought about filming a vlog post with my webcam, but major awkwardness would ensue... so probably not. But I haven't completely ruled it out. What would you like to see? Do you have any suggestions?

Anyway, since I have nothing else to post about, I've decided to run a contest! The author of the seventy-fifth comment will receive... something. I haven't quite decided on the prize. I'll probably give a list of options for the winner to choose from. Suggestions are welcome for that too.

Also, two days until the Script Frenzy halfway point! How's everyone doing? I'm... way behind.


  1. Ugh. Frenzy hates me this year. I'll make it though, somehow I'll make it.

    I love the idea of you blogging more! But I have no ideas... You know your blog background makes it look like there is rain on my laptop screen? Hm... I think you should post some of your writing. And post more of other stuff too.

  2. Frenzy has been a lot harder for me too this year. Probably because I'm trying to write some original stuff besides adaptations... But we will make it! Somehow!

    (Haha, when I first got the blog I panicked every time I saw it because I thought I spilled something on my computer. XD) Hmm, I do have a couple pieces I could post... thank you for the idea!

  3. *sighs* I gave up on Frenzy. I realized it wasn't that fun. And I was doing all the actual writing, which was so not the point of working with someone.
    I think I might try to turn it into a short story ...
    Verification word: combl. Huh.

  4. Eh, if it's not fun, what's the point? That's too bad your partner didn't help out more.

    combl: v. To brush through with difficulty, especially hair: After the tornado, Olivia spent two hours combling her hair.
    2. To thin, to weed out: After NaNo, Mercy combled her character population, leaving only characters who propelled the plot.
    What do you think?

  5. *laughs* I love your definitions! *ponders the many uses of "combl"* ... XD

    And cute pony!!! :)


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