Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Amoebae: A Poem

There are those November nights when it's one AM and you're ten thousand words behind in NaNo and you've stepped into a plot sinkhole and you have no idea what to write and so you word-war with a friend and set Write or Die on Evil Kamikaze mode and disable backspace and the result... is something like this:

Dear little ambaoae,
Dwelling in the pond skum
Do you ever seen the sky,
And do you ever come?
Oh, little amobae,
Dwelling in the pond floor,
Have you ever jumped up high,
And hit your head on the door?
lLittle tiny amoaebae,
All of you--aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Have you ever wondered
What word wrhymes with cousins?
Oh you little amoebae,
Dwelling in the pond scum,
The night draws nigh
And into the darkness I hum.
Invisible little amoebae,
Well, I suppose sometimes you're bidg enough to see
But when I can see you with the naked eye,
Still how small are you compared to me?
Funny looking amoebae,
Changing shapes whenever you wish
Extracted by the scientist,
And plotpped onto a dish

Yeah. I worry myself too.


  1. The poem made me giggle--but it's really good. It made me giggle in a good way. Compared to my own attempts at poetry that repeat so much it gets annoying even to write!! Nice work! :) I wish I could write poetry like that.

    Thanks for the comment on my guest post on Faith's blog! I'm glad it was a decent post! :D

  2. I like it, Talya! I never thought about disabling the backspace button ;)

  3. Mariella, thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the poem. I can't say I have such confidence in my poetic abilities. =P

    Skyeler, hehe, thank you. I think that was the first time I tried disabling backspace. I'm not sure I'll be doing it again. :P


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