Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week Two Woes

Another stunning masterpiece by yours truly.
I'm behind in Script Frenzy, so naturally, I'm here blogging about it. What is it about the second week of these things (Script Frenzy, NaNoWriMo, you name it) that is so agonizing?

The first week you dive in to a brand new script (or novel or what have you) aflame with passion for your story, keen to let the words flow into your ink (or pixels). You're zipping along, racing furiously after that fluffy plot bunny*, consistently passing your daily quota, when suddenly Week Two hits. That cute, fluffy, wubbable wittle plot bunny was really leading you into a trap--and you fall into the gaping plot hole it placed in your path. 

The darkness inside the hole is disorienting, and you can't even string together a halfway-coherent sentence. Unable to see, you panic, running to and fro and hitting the hard wall of the hole every time. Your characters ditch you, leaving you to rot and die. You crawl into a hole (wait, you're already in a hole...) and go to sleep.

When you wake, it's Week Three. The morning shines brightly, birds sing, and you're like, "Now wait a minute. I can climb out of this hole. I can climb out of this hole! Why didn't I think of that before?!" And you get up and climb out of the hole.

(At least, that's what most NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy participants seem to claim they find in the third week. I usually find Week Three the worst. But anyway.)

And then, Week Four is usually a blur as you zoom to the finish line. Or, for some, it's blurry from the tears you shed because you didn't win.

So anyway, it's Week Two. I'm not sure I'm all the way down in a hole, but I've hit a rut, definitely. (And I can't form a coherent sentence, which is evident in the quality of this post.) My state of stuckness, though, is mainly caused by my own nerdiness. Chemistry is just too much fun! Who wants to write when one can be learning about matter and its phases?!

The only reason I haven't done any chemistry today, in fact, is because I've been saving it as a reward for catching up to my page-count quota. Which means I really need to close Blogger and open Celtx**, because I am itching to get the scoop on why exactly water expands when it freezes...

But before I go, here's your daily dose of nerdiness.

* If you don't know what a plot bunny is, see ZNZ's explanation.
** Celtx is a wonderful script-writing software and my BFF during April.


  1. Is it bad that I'm thinking about quitting? It's not that it's hard, it's just that it's not fun .... and if it were Nano, I would just power through, but Screnzy? *hides* Such agatroil.

  2. That's funny--I actually find Screnzy more enjoyable than NaNo most of the time. NaNo is more agatroiling to me. XD I guess the purpose of Screnzy is to have fun, and if it's not fun, don't kill yourself. But then, you're so close to the halfway post...

  3. Most of the time, I find Screnzy easier, but I like NaNo better and find it more fun and less agatroiling. I'm more of novelist than a screenwriter, I guess.

    (Thank you for linking to me, Olivia!)

  4. Interesting. I love hearing the writing habits of other writers!

    How could I not link to such epicness? :D


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