Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today is the Day

Today's the day. For better or for worse, I'm going to do it.

I'm going to read my Script Frenzy manuscript.

Wish me luck. In my three Screnzies, this is the first time I've summoned the courage to go through the result (shameful, I know). I have no idea what I might find.

I'm a little scared. I found after reading my NaNo novel that the parts I felt when writing them were absolutely horrid weren't actually so terrible as I remembered. The parts, however, I thought at the time were kind of good... made me want to scream. They were so bad.

Throughout April I felt for the most part that what I was writing was pretty good, sort of. But that probably just means that when I look at it again I will pluck my head hair by hair.

So, if you don't see me around for a while, I'm probably still recovering from the trauma, and shopping for wigs on Amazon*.

When I'm back together, you might get to see some amusing Screnzyisms.

When you reread your first drafts for the first time,** do you find it's better or worse than you remember? Have you ever come across any particularly amusing errors or typos? If you're not a writer and you're reading this post, do you like pie?

*Okay, I couldn't resist. I just did it. I think this one would look really natural on me, don't you think?
**That sounds sorta funny: reread for the first time. Hehe. Anyway.


  1. You rock that wig! I dare you to buy it and wear it as your Halloween costume, then take your little brother out trick-or-treating. When someone comments on your costume, look annoyed and act like it isn't one.
    I feel your pain. I just got started rewriting Starquake (I know, so soon after I said I wouldn't). It's kind of horrifying, actually, to see how my brain works.
    Anti-spam word: romanger

  2. The wig oddly reminds me of Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games.

  3. *snods* Quite a lovely wig! Perhaps pink will suit your skin tone XD

    Hmm, I am a writer of sorts, but I really don't know much about editing. I have different colored highlighters and I then mark different places with a color that is supposed to signify a certain editing technique. Maybe I should just answer the other question: Yes,I like pie! Apple pie....

  4. Mercy--I want to do that now! XD
    XD Spoken like a true NaNoer.
    Romanger... romantic manger? Maybe?

    Mockingjay--It's fun seeing how different people picture characters. I guess I imagined Effie with shorter, messier hair and blonde streaks. :P

    Skyeler--Perhaps so. XD
    I love colored highlighters. XD Apple pie is yummy. *snods*


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