Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Readers Around the World

As you can see, I am an adept cartographer. And I kind of
forgot what the rest of the world looks like...
According to my Stats tab, today readers from the US, Canada, India, Malaysia, Australia, and Slovenia have viewed this blog; this week I've had readers from the UK, the Netherlands, Greece, Egypt, and New Zealand; this month I've had readers from Haiti and South Africa, and in the past I've also had readers from the Ukraine.

It was sort of shocking that people from so many places had entered this compilation of nonsensical rambles!

If you're one of my international readers, I'd love it if you could drop a comment! If you're from the US, I'd like your comments anyways. =P


  1. Haiti reader checking in! :D

  2. Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! That's a mighty fine amount of interesting people!
    (I's from down South in the good old US of A.)
    (Anti-spam word: bachargi.)

  3. LOL Sorry I'm not one of the international visitors... but I'm an American homeschooled teen, does that work?! :)

  4. ZNZ, you're from Haiti? O.O I never realized that! How neat! :D

    Mercy--*laughs* Bachargi... what should that mean?

    Taylor, another homeschooler! *high-five*

  5. Elly here! :D Just won Script Frenzy!

    I'm from Florida!

  6. Hi Elly! Congratulations!! :D I was just in Florida a couple days ago...

  7. I know! It was fun to find a teen blogger who was also homeschooled like me. *returns high five* Nice to "meet" you! ;)

  8. Hello,
    I'm from Australia (Best country in the World)

  9. I am from *dun dun dun* USA! *chuckles* I have dropped my comment ;)

  10. Taylor, it's always fun to meet (or "meet") fellow homeschoolers!

    Beth, I have always wanted to go to Australia!

    Skyeler, the USA? How exotic! ;) Hehe. Thanks for the comment!


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