Friday, April 22, 2011

I Think This is the Title

So, I’m trying out this feature where you can post a blog post through email. I’m assuming the subject of the email becomes the title of the post, but I’m not really sure.

I don’t really have much to write, except that I have nothing to write. Last night working on Script Frenzy, I was so out of things to write my characters engaged in a philosophical discussion concerning the metronome. It was actually sort of interesting, and rather fun to write. And also painfully reminiscent of my own trials involving the metronome…

My metronome scene is pretty much wrapped up, and I’m not sure what to write next. I’m running out of characters to kill off. I guess that’s what I get for making them die in the backstory. I could write backstory, I guess…

Also, I’ve been looking through my NaNo manuscript. (And Outlook spellcheck told me “NaNo” isn’t a word. That is so not true. NaNo is totally a word. I shall add it to the dictionary.) In November, the scenes I believed profaned literature are upon reread actually not as horrific as I remembered, and some of them are quite witty. Almost good, even, ringing with the little truths in life that are often overlooked. One short scene which I had ended abruptly with the words, “Oh, this is so horrific I cannot go on,” was actually rather poetic. Another scene I had been so horrified with I rewrote it twice and made a note to cut the first take, I actually found to be best in its original form.

Unfortunately, the scenes which I had thought at the time were not so bad, were really, really bad. After reading them I thoroughly rinsed my eyes and consulted Poison Control. After explaining to them that no, by NaNo I did not mean NaNO3, they let me go with instructions to rinse again just in case and call my physician if I experienced anything out of the ordinary in regards to my vision.

The good news, though, is that in general throughout the month of November the quality of my writing increased, reaching its zenith around the time of the creation of my amoeba poem. This I found to be most pleasing. The blood, sweat, and tears I shed producing what I thought at the time to be utter drivel was not completely a waste. Only 70% of it was utter drivel.

(Okay, so I exaggerate. There was actually only a small portion of it that was entirely unsalvageable. The majority just needed major revision.)

What I fear, however, is how nonhorrific I think my Screnzy (which I also had to add to the spellcheck dictionary) is turning out to be. The vast majority of it I feel is actually tolerable quality for a Screnzy script. Which, if the same proves true as it did for NaNo, means what I’m producing is really quite atrocious.

This is getting long and rambling, and I’m pretty far behind in Screnzy and should be writing, so I should wrap it up. Those of you doing Screnzy, how are you doing? And those who did NaNo, did you find your novel better or worse than you remembered when you unearthed the manuscript from the bottom of the drawer?

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