Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweet Sixteen, eh?

Sixteen years ago, my mom experienced episodes of staggering abdominal pain. In the middle of the night my father rushed her to the hospital, where a team of doctors and nurses closely monitored her as the pain reached a zenith.

A little while later, I was born.

Birthdays typically celebrate the child's being born, but I think we should take a minute to congratulate the mothers for the giving of birth.

So congratulations, Mother Dearest, for surviving the ordeal of childbirth. Twice.

I really don't understand what's supposed to be so special about turning sixteen. But then, maybe it's because I don't drive.

I certainly don't feel sixteen, at any rate. But then, maybe it's because I don't drive.

It all seems to come back to that point. If I start driving, will I see life in a different light?

I'd probably hold it more dearly.

For me, the most special thing about turning sixteen is that it's the fifth anniversary of pony ownership.

Meet Gracie, my wittle pony wony.

For contrast, see summer coat.
 Also, today marks the fourth anniversary of miniature horse ownership.

Gabriel, who would more aptly be called Lucifer.

The actually anniversary, I believe, is October 21 or 22. Possibly 23. But today marks the promise of mini horseness to come.

This was the little Gabe I first fell in love with. He certainly put on a convincing angelic act.

January 27 shall mark the third anniversary of big horse ownership.

Miss Lucy.


  1. Happy birthday! And congratulations to your mother for surviving! Twice!
    I don't turn sixteen until next year, I feel so young! Dx

  2. Skyeler--I think so too. :D

    Olga--Thank you! Really? o.O I always thought you were at least my age, or older!

  3. Wow, they are absolutely adorable!
    And happy, happy birthday! I personally don't get the significance of being sixteen either - and I do drive... kinda - but so far I have found it a pleasant age to be. xD
    And I totally congratulate your mother as well! My mother survived six times... but I'm not sure if I could survive even once. xD Mothers are awesome.

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    How come you don't drive (jus' curious)??
    Beth xx

  5. Congratulations to you (and your mother) on the events that transpired some sixteen years previous to today!
    (I think that's the oddest way I've ever wished anyone a happy birthday ...)

  6. Happy-day-late birthday!

    The ponies. Is. Cute! Is the little guy the one that can do the hokey-pokey?

  7. Birdi--I commend your mother!

    Beth--I'm dangerous enough with a shopping cart. I don't need to be on the roads. XD

    Mercy--I am so going to use that next time someone has a birthday. :P Hey, it was your birthday too recently, wasn't it? Congratulations to your and your mother on the events that transpired some years ago today! =P

    Kayla--Thank you! Actually it's Gracie who dances, but Gabe knows a few tricks too!


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