Monday, October 17, 2011

Gift Givers and Recipients

Apple cider and Reese's really don't go together.

Now that we have gotten that important bit of information out of the way, on with the post. I have a bit of a headache (thanks to Tylenol and tea it is waning) so I don't really feel like looking at a computer screen. Ergo I resort to e-ink! This post is brought to you by my Kindle. We shall see how this goes, since it gives me a warning that Blogger is not compatible with this browser.

I've been meaning to blog more, but various matters need tending to and have absorbed my time. And, okay, I confess I just haven't felt much like writing. But I do have good news, for we have gotten a new wireless router, and it actually works and doesn't kick us offline every time we watch video or upload pictures, so you may get to see more photos.

I am not really fond of how those last two paragraphs turned out and I would rewrite them, but it is just too hard typing on this thing.

Now for the test. I shall see if inserting video works from the Kindle. Drumroll, please.


Well, I guess I can't know for sure! The cursor jumps a certain distance when directed by the five way controller thing, and I can't get it to hover over the video insertion button. This poses a problem.

Instead, maybe I'll just tell you  about a guy named Delius. I was reading one night and a nice song playing on the classical channel caught my attention - his Florida Suite.

I looked him up on Ye All-Telling Wikipedia. Delius was  the son of a merchant but had no interest in doing the same, and somehow ended up in Florida manging an orange grove (whether of his own volition or of his father's coercion is unclear). He paid little heed to his managerial duties, however, and instead pursued composing.

I was fascinated by his story, until I read on to his unfaithful marriage and strings of affairs. It makes me wonder, why does God give such gifts to staunch atheists?

I suppose it's up to those who receive the gifts whether they praise the gift Giver or turn around and spit in His face...


  1. Typing on your Kindle? Now that's true dedication to your readers.

  2. *cough* I'm not sure how you would explain my numerous long absences, though...


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