Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Things

'Cause such posts are easy to write when I'm tired or short of time (or lazy).

Thing I: It is rather unlikely I will have a chance to post again this week. I totally meant to schedule posts ahead of time... but I forgot. Bad Olivia.

Thing I I/II: (How do you do fractions in Roman numerals?) This means there will not be a Geeky Friday post this week. Instead, I encourage to do something nerdy on Friday (or any day) and, if you wish, report back here with what you did.

Thing II:  My sweet great-grandmother (who is, I think, almost ninety-six) recalled that I've been doing a deal of research on the First World War due to a novel in progress I'm working on set during that time. When I saw her at Easter she gave to me a postcard from her uncle (my great-great-great uncle, if my brain reasons properly at this hour) dated 1919. This week I got in the mail two photographs she copied of that same uncle. The first was taken when he enlisted; the second, after he was discharged. The change in him is remarkable. And saddening.

Thing III: Jesus is awesome. Just sayin'.

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