Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Return

And so Olivia returns from her trip.

Actually, she returned Sunday evening, but has been busy since then, and spent her down time recovering (for journeys are wearying for her). She also must get busy this afternoon, but first she is sneaking in a quick little post so poor wittle bloggy woggy won't feel so neglected.

She will have to find the time to post pictures later, for she went to the very lovely Blue Ridge Mountains (and climbed to the top of Mt. Mitchell (most of which was done in a car (that she did not drive (she does not drive (nesting parentheses!))))), but that will have to be done later because uploading pictures is an involved process with her internet connection, which likes to kick her offline when she uploads photos or does a number of activities on the internet.

That was a long one-sentence paragraph.

That was a short one-sentence paragraph.


(An even shorter one-sentence paragraph!)

Ahem. And to end this post before it dissolves into drivel, farewell! I will try to post something tomorrow to keep up with the somewhat dissolving every-dayish posting schedule, but no guarantees, and--GASP! Olivia broke the fourth wall! She lapsed out of third person! She said I! With no quotation marks or anything! The horror!

(Actually, is it still breakage of the fourth wall when one was writing in third person about oneself?)


(fade to black)

(back to white)

EPILOGUE: Olivia just remembered something! What geeky things did her readers do on Friday, or any other day of the week? She has had no reports of geeky activities so far!



  1. Well, every Friday that there's a varsity football game at my school is a themed dress-up day, and Friday was Nerd Day. I forgot to wear my glasses or dress stereotypically nerdy, but then my friend reminded me that however I dress, I'm going to dress nerdy, because I am a nerd.
    And I downloaded a podcast that I listened to while walking home called Geek a Week.

  2. Teehee, that's great! I am proud! *applauds*


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