Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Am a Hostess

Dear reader, I am a victim of the dreadful rhinovirus.

In other words, I hab cod a coad.

Viruses are meanies. Really, don't they have anything better to do than pick on poor, innocent little girls?

That... that thing is infecting me. How rude!

Actually, it's sort of pretty... it's blue... and wavy... and it glows...

But I don't want it inside of me!

If you noticed an absence of posts over the weekend, that blue glowy thing the explanation. If you didn't notice the absence of posts over the weekend (more likely), shh! I didn't say anything.

I do believe, however, that I am recovering from this infection, and that my prognosis is fair. Odds are, I will survive. After all, if my research is correct, less than half of 1 percent of people afflicted with this illness die.

Still, there is that half of a percent...


  1. I didn't notice an absence of posts, because I was playing host to something similar. Being sick stinks, doesn't it?
    And I'm pretty sure you won't die. Nor will I. Hopefully ...
    That rhymed!
    Anti-spam word: xespedne, which sounds like some sort of antibiotic medicine.

  2. Yuck. I hope you feel better soon!
    You rhymed! This is an omen. Good or bad I cannot discern...
    Xespedne. Hmm. Perhaps the "ped" part refers to its use in children... or on the foot...


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