Friday, September 23, 2011

Geeky Friday: Wear Your Geekiness on Your Sleeves

The other night, good bloggist that I am and always thinking ahead (*coughnotcoughthiswasaveryrareoccurrencecoughcough*), I asked my mother for ideas to post on Friday. While searching for "geeky site" or something of that nature, she came across, and looked at the apparel. While a number of the jokes were lost on me (mostly the sci-fi and tech references, for those are not my geek niche), the rest... the rest! They were so geeky! I was so giddy reading them!

These are some of the best.

This shirt is rather nerdy.
But not as nerdy as this one.
I breathe geek.

Just add photons.
No, I did not just fall. I was obeying the law.
Now these are some metal groups I can enjoy.

I find this amusing, even though the very odor of bacon makes me quite nauseated.
This, my friends, is a caffeine molecule.
This is so not tr
I feel like such a geek for getting this.
This... is very true.
But don't stop there! How about an anatomically correct heart?

P.S. This post was posted on the very first minute of autumn.
P.P.S. Blogger is driving me batty.

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