Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome, 2011

Photo courtesy the Associated Press... I think.
So, it's 2011.

First off, the glasses just aren't the same. If the year doesn't have two zeroes, it's just not right.

Second, Happy New Year, everyone!

Third, I have nothing intelligent to say. Every lovely blogger I follow has posted a poignant, eloquent essay reflecting the highs and lows the of past year, or listing ambitions for the year to come, or leaving the past behind to experience 2011 free of nostalgia and regret for what cannot be undone.

This post is neither poignant, nor eloquent, nor to any degree coherent. Kind of like all my posts. So if you'd rather spend your time reading a coherent post, check out any of the blogs listed on the right.

Meanwhile, I'll ramble on about whatever comes to mind as my readers trot off to more interesting, purposeful, [insert suiting adjective denoting worthwhileness] pursuits.

The highlight of the past year was certainly the birth of my baby brother. (And pie. But mostly my brother. Okay, the true highlight was my brother. Though the pie was good too.)

The worst thing of the year was not anything that actually took place, but all those things that didn't happen, everything I could have said and done and did not. Many of those things were reasonably within my grasp, yet I did not exert myself to attain them out of ignorance, out of uncertainty, and often, out of mismanaged time.

I cannot bear to let that happen again.

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, per se (if you think of a way to better yourself, why not start right then and there? why wait till January 1?), but the birth of the new calendar year does cause one to reflect on one's priorities, to sort out what truly must be done and what can wait till another time or needn't be done at all. (I don't know about you, but the beginning of the school year has the same effect on me.)

I feel so sage as I sit here listening to the patter of rain on the roof, sipping tea. Sometime in the future I'll unbury this post and laugh at my youth and naivety. But I suppose it will always be like that, won't it? When I'm a hundred years old I'll find something I wrote when I was ninety and marvel at how much I've grown since. I will never achieve an infinite amount of wisdom. I will never finish learning, growing in love and knowledge.

And I have some goals for the not-so-distant future to help me as I grow and learn.

My main goal is to read the Bible.

In ninety days.

Yes, the whole Bible! Meditations of His Love has set up a wonderful program called the Bible Blast, with two different reading plans, one chronological and one in the traditional biblical order, and some great tips for keeping up with the challenge.

It officially starts today and ends March 31, but if you stumble on the link a bit late, don't worry! It's set up so it can be started any time.

I'm keeping a notebook to record inspiring passages, things I'm learning, questions for which to seek answers when I have the time. By the time I'd gotten three chapters into Genesis I'd filled a page of thoughts and things to ponder.

I will also continue my nonbiblical studies. I will explore science, read as much classic literature as I can, study history, (attempt to) learn Latin and whatever other languages I take a fancy to, practice piano, take up another instrument if I can possibly find the time, and even (most likely futilely) attempt to wrap my mind around the dreaded... math. I've always adored learning (other than the dreaded math) and considered my schooling a top priority, but with college fast approaching it's more important than ever.

Another activity to which more time must be devoted is writing. With everything else in life devouring my time and energy I've written very little the past few years. This needs to change. So many stories are begging to be told I fear I will go mad if I don't start carving an hour or two out of each day to write, or revise, or plot, or revise some more.

And friends. I've wonderful friends I've scarcely spoken or written to lately with everything else going on. I miss them. I need to catch up with them.

I've realized I need to be more helpful to others, as well. I am trying to be more attentive to others' needs, to recognize the appropriate times to assist them in whatever I can.

But my absolute number one priority above all this?


With that, I bring this rambling post to a close. I've Genesis chapter eleven to read!

I pray the new year brings blessings and joy to all of you.

(And a slice of pie to whoever can make any sense of this post.)


  1. I can make sense of the post. But I don't like pie. :/

    Maybe cake, if I weren't so sick of chocolate...:P


  2. You don't like pie?!

    Cookies, then?

  3. Those glasses are rather ridiculous, are they not? :) Hope you complete reading through the whole bible!!

  4. I am joining you with the Bible Blast. :)

  5. Hello,
    I just thought I'd let you know that I love your blog it is so encouraging and inspiring!
    Love In Christ,
    P.S Here is my blog:

  6. Chloe~Jane, I'm late in responding, but thank you so much for your comment! I'm so glad to know glad my little blog has encouraged someone. =)

    I've been rather busy lately, but I'm itching to post again, and update the layout a bit. Hopefully I will find the time tonight.

  7. Those glasses are rather ridiculous...


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