Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 6: A Moment You Wish You Could Relive

Photo by Dave or Atox on Flickr
If I could relive just one moment in the past...

Wow. I don't know. God has been so good to me, there have been many, many good, happy times in my life. Honestly, I'm quite content in the present, despite feeling waves of nostalgia from time to time. But if ever offered the opportunity to relive one moment...

Before we moved South, I used to live in the suburbs of a small city in New England. One evening the summer before we moved, my dad and I took the dog for a walk around several blocks after nightfall. Most of our journey was illuminated by street lamps, but as we climbed a hill, there was a curve in the road untouched by their beam.

Here we would pause to gaze upon the quiet meadow surrounding the corner, awestruck at the sight before us--fireflies, thousands and thousands of fireflies, among the waist-high grasses, like a reflection of the stars in the night sky above.

And then, after drinking in the wonder, basking in the stillness of the night, we departed the meadow to make our way back to the bustling little city.

We always intended to go for another walk that summer the fireflies were so abundant. We never did.

Where have all my dear commenters gone? A blog without comments is a forlorn place.


  1. What a ... moment. That would be something to see again. Can you imagine traveling back in time for it, and walking it all over again? I love to do that sometimes, and let imagination paint the details I've forgotten.

    And forgive me regarding the comments; I was not making my blog rounds in the morning as I ought to. =o

  2. Ah, that would be wonderful. I often do the same thing, especially of my memories in New England. Oh, how I miss it there...

    You are forgiven. :D I hope I didn't sound too... desperate... I was just wondering where everyone went. =P I am endeavoring now to reply to all your lovely comments, also.

  3. I am now commenting on your blog. Yes, I am.
    That sounds amazing! Could you actually see the fireflies, or were they just little speckles of light? Believe it or not, I've never seen fireflies ... you are really lucky.

  4. Mercy! Good to see you here. ^^

    Really? Never seen fireflies?

    They were just little speckles of light, as you said. Since it was dark, we couldn't see them when they weren't lit up.


A blog without comments is a lonely place.