Sunday, November 6, 2011



It's a funny thing. In the good eras of our life there isn't enough of it, and in the less pleasant periods each tick of the second hand is an eternity.

And time changes on us twice a year.

I always liked the autumn change, because it gave me a chance to wake earlier without being as tired, and since morning is my favorite time of day I like to be conscious for as much of it as I can. (Unfortunately, I am by nature a night owl, so it is very difficult for me to drag myself to bed soon enough to get up as early as I'd like.) I also like to have a little light at seven in the morning. It's depressing when the sky just begins to glow with a faint bluish tinge half after seven.

But with the good comes the bad, and then there's the spring change which steals from us an hour of precious rest and makes me wish they'd do away with the whole daylight saving time thing.

What do you think of the daylight saving time? Do you use it to your advantage to sneak in an extra hour of sleep, or to wake earlier that morning? Is mankind mad for thinking it can manipulate time?


  1. Right now time is becoming sadly irrelevant. Except in relation to piano. In that I grasp frantically at every moment I can get. :P

  2. LYNNE! *glomps* It's you! So lovely to hear from you, dear!

    Yes, yes, I know what you mean.


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