Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Marvelous Masterpiece

Olivia should be posting one of the two awards she's been tagged in recently or uploading pretty mountain pictures or writing about a serious topic because her blog's been disolving into fluff lately.

Instead, she's going to show you the first thing she ever sewed.

See how perfectly aligned her backstitching is and how beautifully she followed the pencil lines her teacher drew?

But one day, she'll be able to look at that little scrap of fabric and marvel at how she's improved.

Or not.

Olivia could ramble on about several things, like how she pulled that muscle in her side eleven weeks ago and it still hasn't healed even with all her carefulness, but she'll have to save such ranting for another time for she promised her mother she would read tonight.

It's the first book she has ever, ever, in her life been forced to read.

The next will probably be the driver's manual. Thing.

It was nice knowing you.


  1. Um ... can I ask what that thing is?

  2. Thing? Only thing? Driving is pure brilliance!


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