Friday, September 30, 2011

Our *Dear* Mr. Blogger is Videoist

Mother Dearest sent this to me for this week's Geeky Friday.

Only, you will never know what this is because Blogger doesn't let me insert non-YouTube videos that aren't on my computer. How rude, and exclusive, and discriminating, and inconvenient!

Blogger has been bothering me lately for lots of reasons. Like--ahem--NOT BEING ABLE TO COMMENT ON MY OWN BLOG. First, whenever I tried to comment with my Google Account it told me I was not authorized to access the page (, so I've had to post for a while now with a name and URL. But this morning it wouldn't even let me do that. And poor, dear Birdi's comments get all eaten up too, and possibly other commenters' that I don't know about because they can't comment!

Blogger's probably mad at me because I mentioned considering switching to Wordpress. But I considered switching to Wordpress because Blogger is possessed. So Blogger started it.

Anyway, back to Geeky Friday.

I am afraid I can only provide a link, thanks to Blogger's... videoism.

It's about asteroids, for the curious.


  1. Why am I the only one that Blogger likes? It's so strange.

  2. 'Kay. If this comment makes it through, I shall probably squeal with happiness.
    It's a shame Blogger has so many issues, because I truly think it is actually a good blog-hosting service, deep, deep down. Wordpress isn't perfect either, but at the moment it seems to be less temperamental than Blogger.
    And whoa. Asteroids. I'm vaguely thinking (for want of better ideas) that my NaNo novel (National Novel novel...?)this year may be about an asteroid. A cross between 'E.T.', 'The Day of the Triffids', and 'The Wizard of Oz'. But then again, it may be a bad, bad idea. Still, I have a whole month to think of a better one. xD


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