Saturday, August 27, 2011

Leaves! Bark! Grass! Whoa!

This picture doesn't really have anything to do
with this post. It's just pretty. And detailed! Look at the
blades of sea oats!
Dear reader, I can see.

I can see!

I got new glasses last night. I put them on and I was like, "Whoa! The world!"

The difference is remarkable. I'd needed to have this prescription filled for some time, so I was quite amazed to find that there really are leaves on the trees. With these new lenses, things are shaped differently, colors are richer, and textures more detailed. Everything is so vivid and crisp, and pretty!

I put my old pair back on to compare. How did I function in those? Everything is so foggy! (But then, that may also have to do with the layers of dirt and smudges accumulated...)

I got new frames, too, because the lenses in my old pair were rather little, which substantially decreased my peripheral vision. I'm not overly fond of the armbands on these new ones, which have sort of a braided look and a little rhinestone on either side. (Rhinestones! Ick!) And this was one of the more modest frames available.

But I don't mind too much, because the world! How lovely is the world! The bark on the trees! The blades of grass! So detailed, and wonderfully made!


  1. Eugh, I know what you mean! I remember finding out that trees had individual leaves--even from a distance. It was a shocking experience :)


  2. Awesome! I wore glasses for almost ten years, but I don't need them anymore, thankfully. I love that picture, by the way!


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