Monday, August 15, 2011

Appraised Historical Recordings

I'm out of title creativity today. Now, onto your regularly scheduled post.

Do you know what day it is?
It is the day you have eagerly anticipated all week,
the day you set your alarm for four AM but rose at three-thirty
because you were too excited to sleep and leapt out of bed and
quickly turned on your computer and went to Blogger and then went skulking
back to bed because the post you were waiting for was not yet in existence.
You mean you didn't actually do that?
Well, anyway, it's
Musical Monday!
The day on which I give you...





(I haven't actually picked out a video for this week yet. I'll go do that.)


The day on which I give you

It's Grieg. Playing Grieg. It was recorded in 1903, apparently.

But wait! There's more!

It's scratchy. It's raspy. But it's Brahms, in 1889. Isn't that just cool?

And because I'm in a random mood, a few bullet points for you.
  • Last night I dreamed my aunt got a pet iguana, and it was forty-two years old. She wanted to get a photographer out, because it had some kind of medical condition and had really weird eyes.
  • I had the first piano lesson of the new school year today.
  • After my piano lesson, we got McDonald's and ate it in the car in the parking lot. Suddenly, water droplets appeared all over the windshield. This was very confusing, because it was bright and sunny out, and blue sky was directly overhead, and surely it couldn't be raining. Then my mother pointed out it came from sprinklers.
  • After McDonald's, we went to Target. I got a book. They only had the mass market paperback edition, which I've considered getting before, but I'd decided to hold out and get a trade paperback copy. I don't like mass market, because they're hard to hold and have cheap ink that makes me itchy. But today I ended up getting the mass market one anyway. I liked the cover. There's a horse. (Actually, the trade paperback might have exactly the same cover. I've never actually checked. Oh well. Now I have it.)
  • It's after nine o'clock and I haven't eaten dinner yet. Do you suppose I should?
  • Actually, I think I will, because then I can eat dessert. My mother unwittingly participated in the Zucchini Revolution yesterday by baking chocolate chip zucchini cake. It's yummilicious!
  • Actually, I just got my mother's permission to eat chocolate chip zucchini cake for dinner! I'm eating it with a spoon, because the forks are all dirty.
  • As I was writing this, I felt something crawling on my neck. It was a tiny jumping spider. Crawling on my neck. How rude.
  • People I actually know in real life* may end up seeing this blog.** That is a slightly terrifying prospect. Maybe I should actually try to write my posts intelligently...
  • It has taken approximately ten hours to write this post.

*I know! I was surprised I had one too.
**Well, my parents have seen it too, but they already know I'm a cow admirer and zucchini revolutionist.

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