Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Holey Cow

It's the last day of National Cow Week. I had intended to post a cow story every day, but then Life tried to kidnap me, and the ensuing struggle made posting rather difficult.

Though it's still nipping at my heels, I think I can be free long enough to hastily put together a Cow Week finale. You'll have to bear through mediocre to poor writing, because it's difficult to be coherent while keeping Life at bay.

My dad majored in agricultural something something economics. In one class, he and his classmates had to work with a fistulated cow.

Photo found here.
Essentially, a fistulated cow is a cow with a hole in its side. If I remember correctly, they use it to extract bacteria from the cow's stomach and give it to sick cows. Or they do research. Or something. I'm sure Wikipedia the Omniscient possesses more information if you're interested.

In this class, the students donned long rubber gloves and inserted their arms into the cow's stomach. Then, the cow in question startled suddenly, sloshing its stomach content onto an unfortunate student.

Cow insides. On the student. Need I say more?


With that, I will have to bring my Cow Week post to a close, as Life lingers threateningly.

With forty-five minutes left, I wish you a happy National Cow Week!


  1. Ugh... but poor poor poor cow! Imagine having a HOLE in your STOMACH... ouch. Poor baby.

    (Can you tell I love love love animals???)

    Well, look on the bright side. At least it's Life lingering threateningly instead of death! ;)

  2. That's kind of awful. I mean, wouldn't that hurt? But ... it's also kinda cool ...

  3. I'd guess the cow would be anaesthetized when the hole was placed, and afterwards it's probably not much different than people who have feeding tubes and the like. Though I do wonder what it feels like to have someone's hand rummaging in your stomach. =P But at least it helps sick cows.

  4. True... I guess I'll just have to think like that so I don't get all sad about the cows. ;)

    Oh, and I saw your comment saying that you couldn't really get to my blog... so I figured I'd let you know that I tagged you in a game of Blogger ABC tag. (LOL I don't really know what it's called!) The post is here...

    ...but if you can't read it easily, I tagged Mercy too so she has the ABCs on her blog here... you can just copy from her and fill in your answers. LOL That was a long comment!


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