Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gladiators and Google

I was sitting idly just now, staring at the computer screen while I'm waiting for my mom to get off the phone. So to pass the time, I put "the house on the rock" into Google to see if this blog would come up. I didn't find it in the first five pages of results. I then smashed it all together into one word, and again, after scanning over several pages, my blog wasn't showing up in the results. I guess since I haven't really written the words "the house on the rock" much in the text here, besides the actual blog address, it ranks pretty low in the results.

Curious to see what Google choose as the little blurb thing to put along with link, I typed in the full URL. This blog was the first result listed, and under the link were the words:

Nov 2, 2010 ... “Sue, I love a great gladiator in armour." “Steve, was Rome's gigantic gladiator actually imaginary?” “You, uh, see, coliseum acts defied my ...
Apparently gladiators are the most relevant content on this blog. =P


  1. Of course! Gladiators are the only reason I keep coming back!
    Good to see you in the blogosphere again, sis. (Now you have more than just Nano sibs! Yay for you!)

  2. Haha! That reminds me... I should post my amoebae poem sometime. Have you read it?

    It's good to be back!


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