Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 11: A Photo of Me Taken Recently

This was taken on our Outer Banks vacation last month, on top of Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

I really should get around to posting all our vacation photos sometime. Perhaps tomorrow...


  1. Sounds like your having fun!!! Keep posting, I enjoy seeing pics!!
    -Garden Girl

  2. Where ARE you, Olivia? You haven't posted in a really long time! Is everything okay?

  3. You are actually exceedingly cute, regardless of what you may say to the negative.

    But where are the posts I was expecting? *blinks*

  4. Mercy--Yes, everything is well! I've just been really busy lately. I'm hoping I'll find the time to post here today.

    Gwendolyn--Well then, I can say the same of you!

    They will hopefully come soon. Yes, I think I will post right now. I will go do that...

  5. Well, I was trying to post, but I couldn't get it to work right. I'll try again later...

  6. Nice pictures, Pony/Olivia! :)


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